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Corrugated packaging (paper box)can prevent the growth of bacteria in fruits and vegetables

Corrugated packaging can prevent the growth of bacteria in fruits and vegetables

hy Corrugated Packaging Better Than Recyclable Plastic Packaging To Prevent Microbial Contamination

     The latest research done by Professor Rosalba Lanciotti and his team at the Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Bolongna University, Italy, shows that:

     Corrugated packaging plastic packaging and fruit preservation time than plastic packaging for 3 days, the microbial surface of the corrugated board, due to trapped in the fiber and the lack of water and nutrients, death faster, on the contrary, the plastic surface of microorganisms Can survive longer.

     "Dennis Colley, chairman and CEO of the Fibre Box Association (FBA), said:" This study is very important because it shows why corrugated carton packaging stops bacteria from growing. "

     Corrugated carton packaging trap microorganisms between the fibers and keep them away from vegetables and fruits, making corrugated carton products more fresh when delivered and for longer periods of time. "

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